The February 5 Brownfield City Council meeting had a very favorable audit report from Bolinger, Segars, Gilbert & Moss. Although they did not bring in quite as much as they had hoped during the year, they have $5 million to work with on projects if they wish.

Council members set up the City election for May 9 and tabled action to change the ordinance pertaining to “Peddlers and Itinerant Vendors.” They agreed to participate in a seal coat program with a group of other cities and possibly counties also. They also approved joining a resolution supporting rural Texas as a valuable part of the state’s economy, production and export of both traditional and renewable energy and food and fiber for the state and the world.

Family Fun Circus asked for permission to have their circus come to Coleman Park for two shows on April 6. The shows will be at 4pm and 7pm—one day only. The City will get 25% of the ticket sales. The event was approved.

Most of the discussion and questioning came with the request to approve Brownfield Industrial Development’s incentive package for Guar Resources and the new proposed strip mall. After being assured that no money would be given until the proposed projects were finished, employees hired and working and taxes paid,  approval was given. Members were excited to hear that there would be places for ten stores and then a business section also. Among the stores mentioned were Domino’s, Dickey’s BBQ and a clothing store that had considered downtown Brownfield in the past but did not find a building that suited them.

Several work sessions are planned before the next regular meeting which is February 19. Among them is one on recreational vehicles which will be at 7:30am on February 9.

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