The Brownfield City Council met Thursday morning to discuss several items on the agenda including the approval of members to not only the Cemetery Board, but also the Fireman Pension Board, the Local Housing Authority Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Brownfield Mayor Tom Hesse started the discussion by informing Council members of his intentions to remove himself from the Cemetery Board as well as letting them know Brownfield Mayor Pro Tem Geronimo M Gonzales was interested in the appointment.

“I’ve asked Mr.  Gonzales if he would like to be on the cemetery board and he said he would, unless somebody else wants it,” said Hesse.

The City Council voted unanimously to appoint Gonzales to the position.

The next item on the agenda was to find a replacement for Rod Bearden who was on the Fireman Pension Board. At Large Council member Leon Pope volunteered and was unanimously approved.

The next three appointments were for the Local Housing Authority Board, which oversees the Brownfield Housing Project on E Stewart St. The five-member board has two-year staggered terms with Lynn Brisendine, Bacilio Lira and Bruce Woods coming up either for replacement or reappointment. Since all three showed interest in continuing, the City Council unanimously approved them to continue on the board.

Also up for approval were two positions on the five-member Zoning Board of Adjustment with terms expiring for both Justin Holcombe and Sylvia Gonzales. Holcombe wished not to continue on the board, but Gonzales showed interest in serving another term.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment has several responsibilities including conducting appeals of administrative decisions under the Brownfield Zoning ordinance.

Gonzales was unanimously approved for another term and Brian Brisendine was also unanimously approved to replace Holcombe.

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