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Melanie Burris

Janna Forbes, West Texas Guar, and Melanie Burris

A very humble, caring and giving person describes the February West Texas Guar Terry County Treasure, Melanie Burris. When told about the award, Melanie said she did not feel deserving of the recognition because she knew there were other people more deserving than she. That is exactly what makes her a Terry County Treasure though—a person who does great things in the community without asking for recognition. Without people like her behind the scenes, many needed services and encouragements would go unfulfilled.

Contrary to the very quiet, subdued manner in which Melanie receives  awards, she is described by her friends as actually having a very bubbly, outgoing  personality. Her children attended Wellman-Union schools and she has been called a “cheerleader for Wellman” ever since. She still attends sport activities at Wellman and is known for the loud hand bell she rings at games. She is a past WSAA (PTA) officer and does substitute teaching when the school needs her. She is known for sending out hundreds of encouraging notes or letters to students, parents and teachers.

Melanie has lived in the Wellman community for over thirty years, becoming a farm wife when she married Jackie Burris. It is a life she loves. What is she passionate about? One thing is her family. She proudly displays pictures of her loving family.

The other thing Melanie is passionate about is God. That is a guide for Melanie in what she does. She is very active with her church activities at Wellman Baptist Church and teaches youth groups there. She helps with community meals during the Thanksgiving meal each year and also helps serve the Kios Prison Ministry. She cooks food for BSM at South Plains College too.

Meals on Wheels was needing someone to help deliver meals the fifth Friday when it occurred. Melanie saw the need and fulfilled it. She also helps with the elections and voting in the Wellman community.

According to those who know her, this month’s Terry County Treasure works in a very loving, compassionate and private way but makes a big difference in the lives of others in the Wellman community. Congratulations, Melanie Burris, you are a Terry County Treasure.


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