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Gardening Tips for March

1.  Perennials can be divided before they show new growth for the spring.  To divide them, dig up the whole root ball and gently separate into different plants.  Plant the new divisions with root stimulator and water frequently until new roots are established.

2.  Seeds can still be started indoors at the beginning of the month and transplanted when the temperatures at night are 50 degrees or above consistently.

3.  Roses can be pruned mid to late March.  Do not prune climbing roses until after the spring blooming.  Always prune with clean equipment and clean between each bush to prevent the spread of disease.

4.  Cool season vegetables can still be planted.  Cool season vegetables that do well here are:  lettuce, radishes, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage and spinach.

5.  Cool season weeds are growing happily now.  Keep weeding.  You do not want happy weeds.

6.  Fertilize trees, shrubs and groundcovers before spring growth starts.

7.  It is tempting to buy warm season plants in the nursery this time of year, but remember that our average last freeze is mid to late April.  Any new plants will need to be protected whenever there is freezing weather.

8.  We are still in a drought.  When selecting new plants for your yard, select drought tolerant plants for the best results.  For a list of drought tolerant plants for this area go to

It is always best to work with nature rather than against it.  Select drought tolerant plants for this area and plant them in a location where they will thrive.  Apply 2-3 inches of mulch to keep weeds away and moisture in.

Most of all, have fun. 

Happy Gardening.



Rhonda has been a gardener for most of her life. As a child, she learned many things about gardening from her parents and grandparents. She became a Certified Master Gardener with the Texas Cooperative Extension Service in 2001 and has been a regular guest on Town Talk for 3 years. She is a Texas native and has lived in the Brownfield area with her husband and two sons for 27 years.

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